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1 yearMarket IndexCIG+$0.14594025
Blended$0.515 / CIG+ $0.14594057
Index With A Cap$0.545 / CIG+ $0.14594034
2 yearMarket IndexCIG+$0.14594094
Blended$0.545 / CIG+ $0.14594103
Index With A Cap$0.575 / CIG+ $0.14594050
1 yearMarket IndexCIG+$0.18595015
Blended$0.555 / CIG+ $0.18595021
Index With A Cap$0.585 / CIG+ $0.18595018
2 yearMarket IndexCIG+$0.18595035
Blended$0.585 / CIG+ $0.18595048
Index With A Cap$0.615 / CIG+ $0.18595039
1 yearMarket IndexCIG+$0.29596010
Blended$0.665 / CIG+ $0.29596014
Index With A Cap$0.695 / CIG+ $0.29596012
2 yearMarket IndexCIG+$0.29596024
Blended$0.695 / CIG+ $0.29596028
Index With A Cap$0.725 / CIG+ $0.29596026

Choose the Plan that Meets Your Needs

Market Index Rate

Your price per therm changes each month based upon market price fluctuations.

Most often, you’ll see lower bills in the summer and higher bills in the winter, depending on the market price.

Fixed Rate Pricing

The price per therm you pay is fixed or “locked in” for the contract term.

Your natural gas bill changes solely based on how much gas you used.  

Blended Rate Pricing

A combination of monthly market index and/or fixed prices per therm.

A portion of your gas usage is locked in at a fixed price and the remaining portion of your gas usage will follow market changes.

Capped Rate Pricing

Your price per therm changes each month but will not exceed the capped rate.

You can get the benefits of a lower market price but are protected from a market surge.