With the Choice Gas Program, you have the opportunity to choose your natural gas provider and the pricing options that best meet your needs. Each participating provider is selling the same gas, so you’ll want to choose your provider based on the following:


How long has your supplier been supplying natural gas in your service area?

We encourage you to ask this question because the longer a supplier has been serving you and your neighbors, the better they will serve your needs.

WP-CA has been participating in the Choice Gas program since its beginning.


Are the plans easy to understand?

Price is a big factor for most customers when it comes to making a decision. You wouldn’t want to be obligated to an agreement that offers great prices up front and adds hidden fees and costs later. We recommend that you make sure that you know all of the facts before signing up with any supplier.

WP-CA guarantees transparency in our price plans. There are no hidden costs or fees.


Will your supplier be there for you when you need them?

Every supplier wants to have your business, but will they be there for you when you have a question or concern?

WP-CA has a team of knowledgeable, professional customer service representatives who are committed to solving problems in a respectful and timely manner. Answers are just a click or a phone call away.


Can your supplier manage market risks?

If the natural gas market gets rough, can your supplier meet their obligations, or will they be closing their doors?

WP-CA is familiar with the risks in the natural gas market and has a long history serving both producers and end-users in Wyoming.


Is your natural gas supplier offering a fair price?

While price is important, you may realize that price may not be the only important factor in making your decision on a natural gas supplier.

WP-CA guarantees a fair price for natural gas service and we back our product with excellent service and security for our customers. Our financial stability and long-term relationships with producers allow us to provide pricing options and flexible plans to meet the needs of Wyoming gas consumers.


What is the Choice Gas Program?

The Choice Gas Program is an annual program administered by SourceGas Distribution LLC (SourceGas Utility) that gives customers the opportunity to choose a natural gas supplier and Pricing Option that best suits their needs.

What are the benefits of the Choice Gas Program?

In a word, “choice.” Because the Choice Gas Program allows customers to choose their natural gas Supplier and Pricing Option, they have an opportunity to manage gas supply price risk and volatility to meet their individual needs.

Are the Suppliers reliable?

Yes. Participating Suppliers must meet certain requirements and be approved by the Wyoming Public Service Commission.

How do I select a supplier?

Customers can automatically roll over to their current Supplier and Pricing Option, or submit a selection through the Internet, directly through their chosen Supplier, or by U.S. Mail (these choices are collectively referred to as “accepted submission methods”).

What constitutes a “valid” selection?

A selection is considered valid when a customer submits their choice through one of the accepted submission methods, on or before the program’s deadline date. It is important to note that confirmation codes are time- sensitive and have expiration dates. The first valid selection received will be considered your final choice. Customers should record their verification number if submitting their selection via the Internet. Please note that mailed selection forms must be signed by the customer to be considered valid.

What if I don’t make a selection?

If a valid selection is not submitted on or before the selection deadline, the customer’s account auto­matically rolls over to their current Supplier and Pricing Option, at a price to be deter­mined by the Choice Gas Supplier. If a customer rolls over any Choice Gas Pricing Option, the final rate will be made publicly available no later than 15 days after the Selection Period ends. The natural gas commodity price that Choice Gas rollover customers will be charged will not carry over from the previous year unless agreed to by the Supplier. We encourage customers to participate in the selection process to ensure they know the price they will receive for the upcoming year.

What happens if a customer moves during the Choice Gas Program year?

If a customer moves from one service address to another, or a new customer moves to a service address within the Choice Gas Program territory, that customer will continue with the Supplier previously selected for that address. New construction customers will be provided with a selection packet via U.S. Mail, and if that customer does not make a selection, they will default to the Pass-On Rate [Regulated Rate]. For additional questions regarding service address issues, call 1.800.563.0012.

Does the Choice Gas Program affect the quality of distribution service?

No. Regardless of the customer’s selection, SourceGas will continue to provide meter reading and billing services, respond to gas leaks, and ensure the safety and reliability of the gas supply to Choice Gas Program communities.